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Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada Sabudana or Sago is a favorite tiffin/snack dish. It is considered ideal for fasting during festivals/poojas. Generally Sabudana is used to make popular dishes Kichdi, Vada, Thalipeet and Kheer. Predominantly a staple in Gujrat and Maharashtra, Sago is popular all over india. They come in different sizes used for different dishes. There are polished and unpolished versions.Unpolished is the healthier option which is used in the following Sabudana Vada recipe. INGREDIENTS : Sabudana - 300gms [soak for 3 hrs] Boiled potato - 2 medium [crushed] Dry roasted peanuts - 1 cup [clean and coarsely crush] Coriander  and curry leaves - a handful [finely chopped] Green chillies - [grind to paste] about 1 or 2 tsp Cumin - 1-2 tsp Black salt - a pinch [optional] Sugar - 1/2tsp Oil - for deep frying Salt - to taste HOW TO MAKE : Soak Sabudana for 3 hrs and check by pressing the sago if its fully soft and mashable. If not add a little more water and soak