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Nippat / Nippattu

Nippat or Nippattu is an age old recipe passed on by grandmothers n mothers.. crisp crunchy and a quick to make savory item made of rice flour. This dish doesn't need a whole lot preparations! Its made of ingredients which are commonly used in our kitchens. Nippat is made during festivals like Krishna Janmashtami / Diwali and other festivals. It can be made in a jiffy and a perfect tea/coffee partner. To make approximately around 30-40 nippats [depends on the size.. smaller the size more in number] Ingredients: Rice flour [500 gms] Chiroti Rava or Fine Semolina [2 tbsp] Ground Nuts - 50gms Fried Gram - 30gms Dry Copra [Finely Chopped to small bits] - 1 cup Curry Leaves [dried and finely chopped, optional] Red Chilli Powder - 3-4 spoons [can vary with requirement]  Hing/Asafoetida - a generous pinch [if its a paste] or 1-2 tsp [if powdered] White Til - 1 tbsp Ghee / Clarified Butter 2 teaspoon for mixing Salt to taste Hot Oil - for deep frying [out of which