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(Avarekai=Surti papdi lilva/flat beans) This is a yummy curry during the Avarekai season.(Note Avarekai is available frozen as well) Ingredients: Avarekai seeds- about 250 gms(needs to be boiled before,add a pinch of salt while boiling) 1 onion little oil salt For grinding: Dhania - 2 Tsp Red chillies-5-6 khus khus(gasagase) cinnamon-1/2 spoon cloves-2 or 3 Ginger paste - 1 Teaspoon shredded coconut-1  cup onion- 1 small onion garlic paste -(1/2-1)tsp tomato-1 turmeric How to Make: Fry Dhania and red chillies. Add all the ingredients above for grinding and grind it to a smooth paste.keep it aside. Take a kadai.Add  tsp oil to it and add mustard seeds.After it sputters,add nicely chopped onion and let it turn golden brown.  Add boiled avarekai seeds to the above  and add salt.   Pour the grinded mixture to the kadai and mix everything.Let it boil for sometime so that the masala is absorbed by the avarekai seeds. Garnish with tomato and coriander leaves. Serve h


Huli Avalakki(GOJJU AVALAKKI): Ingredients: 200 gms Avalakki(poha) 1 Tsp jeera 1 Tsp black pepper Tamarind Roasted sesame -3tsp Jaggery Rasam powder salt How to Make: Grind avalakki,jeera,black pepper and roasted sesame and keep it aside. Take a container and fill it with tamarind water. Add Rasam/mensina pudi to it. Add Jaggery and salt to taste and mix everything well. Add the grounded avalakki mixture to the container and let it stay for 15 minutes. Garnish the poha with chillies,mustard seeds,coriander leaves. Mix well and serve! Preparation time: 20 mins


Ingredients: 1small cup Bengal gram 100 gms grated coconut 8-10 green chillies Ginger 1 spoon coriander seeds 1 spoon jeera seeds Hinge Coriander leaves Salt to taste How to make: Soak Bengal gram in water for 3-4 hrs. For this add all other ingredients and grind to a smooth paste. Boil veggies(cucumber/ash gourd/okra--any of these can be used) with water in a vessel(1 Litre) . After it is cooked add the ground masala to the vessel and boil it. Add salt while it is boiling.Keep stirring until the raw smell vanishes. At the end add sour curds to the above mixture and mix well.Now season with mustard seeds (tadka with little ghee).Serves 4-5.


Ingredients: 1 cup urad dal 1 cup idly rava(akki tari) 500 gms spinach leaves 10-12 cashewnuts fried How to make: Soak dal and rice separately and leave them for 8-10 hrs. Grind and then mix them together. Add salt to the batter.Let the batter be thick(do not add too much water). Keep aside the prepared batter for 6-8 hrs for fermentation. Wash palak,steam cook and grind it finely. Mix the ground palak to the batter. HOW TO MAKE: Grease the idly moulds and fill the moulds with 3/4 batter. Garnish with fried cashews and coriander leaves. Steam the idlis. Serve hot with cocunut chutney/sambar PREPARATION TIME:10-15 MINS IF THE BATTER IS READY