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Cream of mushroom soup is a very comforting soup on chilly days.Mushrooms are low in calorie,fat free,cholesterol free,gluten free abd very low in aodium,yet they are a powerhouse with the most important nutrients like vitamin D,Selenium, potassium and more! Mushrooms were never cooked at our home and it was an unknown veggie for us!First time I tried mushroom in the form of  cream of mushroom soup at a restaurant and just loved it!Tried making the same and it turned out to be great! Try this yummy soup yourself and let me know what you think! INGREDIENTS : Button mushrooms - 1 cup finely sliced Onion  (small)-1 finely chopped  Garlic-2 flakes finely chopped  All purpose flour or maida -1 tbsp Milk - 1 1/2 cups Butter- 1 tbsp  Fresh cream -1 tbsp  Oregano powder- 3 tsp Pepper -ground to sprinkle/taste Salt to taste HOW TO MAKE : Peel the mushrooms,rinse and chop them fine. Take a pan.Add maida and saute it on medium flame for a minute. Keep it aside to c