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Vermicelli Kheer/payasam

 Vermicelli or Semiya kheer is a quick and delicious sweet  to make for your parties or festivals ! Ingredients: MTR semiya - 1 cup Milk - 3 cups Sugar - 1 cup Milk maid or condensed milk - 4 tbsp Ghee - 1 tbsp Cashews/raisins for garnishing  How to Make: Video Recipe Dry roast the semiya/vermicelli in low heat for about 4 -5 mins(make sure not to burn it) Add Milk and keep stirring continuously so that the milk does not get burnt and all the semiya gets cooked well for about 5 minutes Once the semiya is cooked well, add in the sugar and milkmaid and stir well Now take a pan..add ghee and roast Cashews and Raisins and add them to the kheer Mix well and Serve them either hot or chilled as per your desire!