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Mysore pak is a sweet which originated in mysore , Karnataka.  It is made by using generous amounts of ghee (clarified butter), sugar and gram flour.   INGREDIENTS: Water -  1/2Cup Gram Flour -  1.5Cups Ghee -  2Cups Sugar - 2Cups HOW TO MAKE: Mix besan gram flour with 3 tsp of hot ghee and sieve. Take sugar in thick bottomed pan. Add water and let it boil to form sugar syrup till it reaches soft ball stage (when the sugar syrup starts boiling a nd frothing, take a water cup and drop little sugar syrup to it, if it turns to a soft ball and sinks to the bottom, your sugar syrup is ready!) Melt the ghee in a bowl.(make sure it should be really hot) Now add the flour slowly to the sugar syrup and mix rapidly so that no lumps are formed. Then keep adding the hot ghee to the flour little by little, stirring continuously Cook till the mixture becomes frothy and ghee separates. Spread out on a greased plate. Cut into squares when firm.