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A perfect way to beat the summer heat!! INGREDIENTS: Diced  Watermelon 3 Cups Milk (I used 1.5% fat) 1 Cup Sugar 3-4 tsp HOW TO MAKE: Add diced watermelon ,milk and sugar in to a blender and blend well till it becomes smooth. Add ice cream or ice cubes on the top for variety!(optional) Serve Chilled!  Preparation Time: 10 minutes


Bored of eating oats cooked with milk and sugar ,yogurt etc..??.try this recipe for some variety!This Dosa is not only easy to make but it is delicious and healthy:) INGREDIENTS: Oats 2 cups Rava/sooji/ssemolina 1 cup(use the thin rava) Rice Flour 1/2 cup wheat flour 1/2 cup Onion 1 Big- nicely chopped  carrot 1/2 cup grated Cumin seeds - 2 Tsp Chillies 4-5 Ginger 1 inch Coriander leaves few strands finely chopped Curd 1 cup Water Salt to taste HOW TO MAKE: Take a pan and Fry the oats, rava ,cumin seeds,chillies for few minutes.(make sure you do not burn them). Let it cool for sometime. Take a grinder jar and then add the above mixture and add ginger , rice flour and wheat flour. Now Grind them in to smooth powder and keep it ready. Take a container and add the ground powder to it. Now add chopped onion,carrots and coriander leaves and mix well. Now add curd and slowly add the required water and salt and mix well.(make sure the batter is


Hot Thai curry with aromatic Jasmine rice! INGREDIENTS: Red curry paste 2-3 Tbsp Coconut milk 1 can(400 ml) Sugar 2 Tbsp Soy Sauce 1 Tbsp Red Bell Pepper 1/2 sliced Green Bell Pepper 1/2 sliced Yellow Bell Pepper 1/2 sliced Mushrooms 1/4 cup Baby corn 1 cup Carrots 1/2 thin slices Onion 1/4 sliced/Spring onions can be used  Peas - 1/4 cup Basil leaves 4-6  Tofu 1 cup cubed(optional) Oil 1 Tbsp HOW TO MAKE: Heat the Oil in a wok . When the oil is heated up,add in the red curry paste(Thai red curry paste recipe in a separate post) and mix well. Now add in the coconut milk and mix well. Now add in the sugar and Soya sauce. Now add in the cut veggies to the gravy above.Mix well and let it cook till the veggies are soft.(Make sure they are not over cooked..the veggies should be little crunchy) Next add in the Tofu and mix gently and let it cook till the tofu gets the flavour of the gravy.(optional) Now add in some torn basil leaves and cook f