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AVOCADO RAITHA(Avocado with yogurt)

Tried making Avocado Raitha or our very own version of guacamole and it turned out to be quite tasty:)

INGREDIENTS Medium ripe Avocado - 1Green chillies - 2Onion -1 small(optional)Ginger - 1 inchCoriander - 2 strandsJeera - 1.5 tspMustard seeds - 1 tspYogurt or curd - 1 cup unsweetened(if sour yogurt is used its perfect!)Lime juice - 1 tspSalt to tasteOil for tempering - 1 tsp HOW TO MAKE
Peel the skin of Avocado and cube them in to small pieces.Now take a grinder and grind the avocado with green chillies,lime juice,coriander,ginger,jeera seeds ,salt and yogurt into a puree.Now Avocado raitha is ready.Heat oil in a sauce pan and add in the oil.Once hot add in the mustard seeds and let it sputter.Switch off and temper this on Avocado raitha.Serve as a side dish with pulao or plain rice!