Aloo Palak and Peas tikkis or cutlets are very nutritious and a sure hit with kids too!! Potatoes have potassium and a large amount of carbohydrates and fibers.. spinach n peas has lots of iron and vitamins..It is a hearty snack and goes great with coffee/tea as well!


  • 2 Medium sized Potatoes
  • 1 small bunch of spinach or palak
  • 1/2 cup green peas [fresh/frozen]
  • Freshly chopped coriander
  • Green Chillies - 2 to 3 in No.
  • Coriander powder - 1 to 2 tsp
  • Jeera or Cumin Powder - 1tsp
  • Chat masala - 1 tsp
  • Red chilli powder / paprika - as per taste
  • Black Salt or Sendha Namak [Optional]
  • Processed Cheese - 2 Triangles [Optional]
  • Salt to taste
  • Bread Crumbs / Fine Sooji
  • Cashew for decoration


  • Boil, Peel and grate the potatoes and keep it aside.
  • Blanch the spinach in hot water for a min max. Cool it under running water. Dry it and chop fine.
  • Add chopped spinach, coarsely mashed peas, fresh coriander, chillies finely chopped, break the cheese into the mixture and add above mentioned dry masala powders and mix well.
  • Roll it into small to medium sized balls and pat it in the middle of the palm to form flat cutlets or tikkis.
  • Now take bread crumbs or fine semolina or sooji in a plate.. take the flattened tikkis and roll it completely over the crumbs so that it coats the cutlets all over. Place a cashew on top to decorate on each tikki.

  • Take a fry pan and add 1tbsp oil and place the tikkis to cook over medium flame for about 2-3mins each side. Fry till they become golden brown. Once done , place it on paper tissues to drain excess oil.
  • Sprinkle some chat masala on the top and Serve hot with mint and yogurt dip/chutney or good old tomato ketchup!
  • Preparation Time: 40-45 Minutes


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