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Nippattu is a very popular Bangalore snack delicacy!Nippattu is usually deep fried in oil ..However this is a  yummy low calorie recipe which is baked instead of deep fried!

INGREDIENTS All purpose flour(Maida) - 1 1/2 cupsRice flour - 1/2 cupSemolina(fine Sooji) - 2 TbspRoasted Groundnuts - 1/2 Cup(coarsely ground)Warm water - 1/4 cup or as requiredSesame seeds - 3 tspOil - 1/3 cupMelted butter - 3 TbspOnion -1(finely chopped)Green chilles - 4 to 5(finely chopped)Red chilli powder - 1/4 tspCoriander leaves -1/2 cup(finely chopped)Curry leaves - 1/2 cup(finely chopped)Sugar - 1 tspSalt to taste
 Take a mixing bowl and add all the above ingredients in to it and mix well to form a soft dough.

Cover the dough and let it stay for about 30 minutes .

Meanwhile Pre heat the oven to 180 degree Celsius.Divide the dough into equal small balls .Flatten each ball in between your hands and arrange them on the baking tray.(Tip: Dip fingers in water while flattening the balls.This prevents t…


A great healthy alternative to coconut chutney,the watermelon rind chutney is very delicious and nutritious !Try it for a great variety!Do not discard the watermelon shell the next time you get it home!;-)

Watermelon Rind Chutney – made from the lovely white part(one of the most underutilized parts of the watermelon) residing quietly between the fruit and its hard green exterior. Watermelon rind is very healthy & nutritious. It is rich in Vitamins A, B6 and C. It is also high in both beta-carotene & lycopene.

INGREDIENTS: Watermelon Rind about 250 gms(peel the green skin and take only the white part and cut into pieces)Green chillies 7-8(adjust the spice level to your desire)Ginger - 1 inchCoriander leaves- few strandsCurry leaves -few strands(only the leaves)Mint leaves - few strandsFried gram - a fistfulTamarind extract - 1 small tspCumin seeds- 1/2 tspMustard seeds - 1/2 tspOil -1 tspSalt to tasteHOW TO MAKE: Take a saucepan and add oil to it.Once the oil is heated ,add the m…