Salted Crackers with Cheese and veggie toppings (Kid Friendly Recipe)

Crackers with toppings has always been a tea time favorite across countries. Crackers are of different types.. cheese crackers.. salted.. salt n sweet.. and many more.. comes in interesting shapes too. Cheese and Veggie toppings on crackers make it an healthy, nutritious, colorful and interesting combo and as mentioned in the title of this recipe its fire free cooking and is safe for kids to try and encourage their creativity! This can be eaten guilt free as the calories are very few compared to heavier options like Pizzas! This can be served as one of the starters in a party.. Kids especially love them! So.. Lets get cracking! :)

  • Crackers of your choice (I have used the Salted ones)
  • Vegetables finely chopped (Onions n' Tomatoes)
  • Chopped Green olives/Jalapeno 
  • Cheese (any.. i have used the bits from cheese slices)
  • Mixed Herbs, Ground pepper and salt for seasoning.
  • Take a colourful plate and place the crackers.
  • Take bits of cheese and place them on the crackers.
  • Carefully take finely chopped veggies and top them on the cheese.
  • Next comes the olives and jalapenos (any pickled veggie)
  • Season the crackers and the toppings with mixed herbs .. freshly ground pepper and salt (salt is only if needed...check for the salt as its already present in the crackers and cheese) 
  • Ready to serve!
  • A drop of mayo/tomato ketchup also can be used on each cracker to make it look/taste good!