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Tandoori Roti is a type of Indian bread which is traditionally made in a clay oven called "tandoor".Since clay ovens are not so common is a simple home recipe which comes close to a tandoor roti and very easy to make too:)


Chapathi flour - 2 CupsWarm water - 3/4 cup + little extraSalt -1/2 tsp or to tasteDry chapathi flour for dustingBread Toaster

Take a bowl and mix the chapathi flour and salt well.Now Add in the warm water and knead well to form a smooth dough.Let the dough rest for about 15 to 20 minutes before using it.Divide the dough in to a medium lemon sized balls.Dip the dough in to dry flour once and roll it in to a oval shape using a rolling pin.(Let it be thicker and smaller than the normal rotis) Place the rolled out roti on a hot tava and cook on both sides until you see some bubbles and they turn in to brown spots. Remove roti and keep in a covered hot case.Repeat the process for the remaining rotis.

For Tandoori Roti:

Wnen you are …
CRISPY BABYCORN Baby Corn is so versatile that it can be used in making starters or main course.. Here is a simple and quick way to make a yummy snack with minimum ingredients and time! 

Baby Corn - 10-15 Nos. slit in the middle and chop to 1" sized piecesOnion - 1 BigTomato - 2 Medium Corn Flour - 2 tbspAll purpose flour - 1 tbspGreen chillies - 4 finely choppedGinger Garlic paste - 2 tspSoy Sauce - littleVinegar - littleTomato Ketchup - 2 tbspSpring onions - a small bunchCoriander - a few sprigs [only the leaf part]Oil for deep fryingSalt to taste Method: Take a bowl and mix the corn flour, all purpose flour 2 green chillies [finely chopped or paste] salt to taste. Batter should be of medium consistency not to thick nor thin and should nicely coat the slit baby corns well. Deep fry the babycorns and keep aside.Take a big wok/ kadai and add a tbsp of oil add chopped onions which is cut length wise also add the ginger garlic paste, fry it on a high flame until the raw …

Grow your blog!

Thanks a lot Vicki for organising today's event " grow your blog".It is a great way to meet fellow bloggers and readers sharing the same passion!

Hello and welcome to ManeThindi! My name is Shivin and I am from INDIA ."ManeThindi" meaning "Home Cooked food" in my native language and will showcase all authentic vegetarian recipes made in @ home.It will also showcase other veggie dishes and snacks from other parts of India as well!
I started blogging because of my passion towards cooking.And also one of the main things was to preserve our traditional recipes and to share to a larger audience that there exists wide choice of food even if one chose to be a vegetarian.Come join and enjoy the culinary journey of exploring home made vegetarian food(
Thanks for stopping by manethindi ,wishing all my blogger friends all the very best as we get-together to encourage each other !!Cheers!


Mouthwatering Masala Dosa recipe in a healthy style!For this recipe you will be just replacing the quantity of rice usually used in traditional dosa recipe with OATS!Try out this healthy and nutritious recipe! Dosa Batter Ingredients: 2 cups Oats ( any brand is fine)3/4 cup Urad Dal1 fistful Bengal gram2 tsp Methi /fenugreek Seeds1 tsp (Ghee+Oil) mixed for each dosaSalt as per tasteHOW TO MAKE:
Soak Urad dal,bengal gram, methi seeds with enough water for about 6-8 hrs.Soak the OATS in water just before you start grinding.(soak it for about 15-30 mins)Grind the soaked ingredients with enough water to a  smooth paste in a grinder;Make sure the batter is not too watery!Allow the batter to ferment in a warm place for about 8-10 hours; Make sure the container has enough room for the batter to rise else the batter will overflow due to fermentation!Add salt to the fermented batter and mix well.Place a non stick Tava on medium heat.Once hot, pour a ladle full of batter at the center; With the ba…


Yummy Chole recipe!Chole serves as a good side dish with almost anything be it rotis,puris,bhature or rice!


Chickpeas(kabuli channa)-200gOnions-2 large sizedTomatoes-2 bigPotatoes-2(optional)Ginger-1 inchCinnamon-1 tsp or 1 inchRed chilli powder=2 tspJeera-1/2 tspGreen chillies - 3-4(according to your taste)Coriander leaves-1 small bunchJaggery-2tspTamarind-1small lemon sizedOilSalt to taste


Pre soak Kabuli chana/white Chick peas for about six hours.Pressure cook the soaked chana and retain the water.Now Cut onions and tomatoes .Heat 1tsp oil in a frying pan and sauté the cut onions and tomatoes along with ginger and cinnamon for about 2min. Allow it to cool.Now grind the above ingredients in a grinder/blender with  little water if required.Next Heat 1 Tbsp of oil in a big wok or in a pressure pan . Add jeera along with 1 slit green chilli. Add the ground paste and sauté for 2minutes.Then, add the cooked channa along with the water that was retained .Add redchi…